Herring Bank

Company Overview

Herring Bank was founded in 1899, by Colonel Herring. Colonel Herring lived in Vernon, TX and saw a need for a bank. The cattleman would drive their cattle from Oklahoma through Vernon to Fort Worth to sell their cattle. When the cattleman sold their cattle and they went back to Oklahoma they were loaded with cash. Oklahoma was know as the badlands for a good reason, when the cattleman crossed in to Oklahoma they could lose their life and it was a sure bet that they would lose their money. With a bank in Vernon, TX, Herring Bank, they could deposit their funds and when they crossed into Oklahoma, the badlands, they would not lose their money, so the thieves had no reason to rob them

At Herring Bank we “Build Relationships for a Lifetime” come join us at our family owned bank.

Available Positions

CO-Colorado Springs-80907